Impacts of Covid-19

Like many people, business and organizations, Diveation has been impacted by Covid-19. We are experiencing longer processing and production times for our products as well as occassional supply shortages. Thank you for your patience during this time!



Diversity . Education . Representation

What we’re all about

The goal of Diveation is to provide products for young children and their parents that promote diversity, education, and representation. It is important to allow children to see the success and accomplishments of those who look like them. They deserve to see positive examples and role models from early stages of learning. It is also important to provide ways to learn about individuals and communities that may be unfamiliar.  Our creative products encourage memory, listening, and movement while at the same time highlighting groups of individuals for their extraordinary work.

Initially designed as a way to support early education, the products at Diveation also serve as a form of continued education. Both children and their parents, guardians, and teachers will be able to discover new information from our card decks!

ABCs Black Inventors Box

Memory Games & ABC Flashcards

Resources,Tips, & Activities 

African American girl learning with flashcards

Alphabet Bingo

When parents and teachers hear flashcards, the first thought that comes to mind is "boring!"....

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