Impacts of Covid-19

Like many people, business and organizations, Diveation has been impacted by Covid-19. We are experiencing longer processing and production times for our products as well as occassional supply shortages. Thank you for your patience during this time!


Alphabet Bingo

When parents and teachers hear flashcards, the first thought that comes to mind is “boring!”. But they don’t have to be!

Alphabet flashcards are portable, educational, and fun. In fact, the alphabet flash cards at Diveation provide a learning experience for children and adults, giving a chance to play alphabet games while also learning fun facts about people of color. Below are the various Diveation alphabet cards:
Alphabet Cards: Children’s Authors of Color
Alphabet Cards: Black Inventors
Alphabet Cards: 20th Century Black Visual Artists
Alphabet Cards: Inspirational Women of Color

One great way to make alphabet flashcards fun is by playing the classic game BINGO. Grab our free printable alphabet BINGO sheets with 6 unique sheets and use any of our alphabet cards mentioned above to draw letters. Have your child/children mark the letters off on their BINGO sheet using a pen, markers, or even candy!

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