Impacts of Covid-19

Like many people, business and organizations, Diveation has been impacted by Covid-19. We are experiencing longer processing and production times for our products as well as occassional supply shortages. Thank you for your patience during this time!


Our Story


Diveation was created due to my desire to be an active participant when my daughter began learning her letters. I wanted to be able to help her practice this necessary skill while also providing an opportunity for both of us to learn more about the achievements of people who look like us and whom we share a cultural heritage with.

Resources like this, or even children’s books with minority protagonists weren’t widely available when I was a child and I wanted to make this type of content available for children and their parents to learn together. Informing them about individuals who broke color and cultural barriers as well as those individuals who often get overlooked. It is my hope that these products will serve as a source of inspiration, in addition to a way to break cultural stereotypes and give people an opportunity to learn about the achievements and history of individuals from other cultures.

Lastly, I want to encourage people to use appropriate resources to discover new information. To do this, I make an active effort to promote the use of public libraries, librarians, and the services and resources they offer.

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