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Alphabet Cards: Black Inventors

Black Inventors

An alphabet deck with an A-Z list of black inventors and patent holders. While not exhaustive, these ABC flashcards provide insights to the accomplishments of black inventors, many of whom faced hardship, poverty, and even slavery. Names that can be found in this deck include Otis Boykin, Sarah E. Goode, and Thomas L. Jennings. Use these flashcards to practice the alphabet with your little ones while both of you learn interesting facts about these inventors and their inventions.



Why use ABC Flashcards?

Knowing letter names is strongly related to a child’s ability to remember the forms of written words and to treat words as sequences of letters. Alphabet flash cards aid in memorization and are great for introducing phonics and teaching letter relationships giving children a chance to develop an understanding of the sounds in spoken words and in written letters. These ABC flashcards can help with early education, early literacy, and letter recognition while also serving as an informational resource for parents and children who are interested in learning more about Black inventors and patent holders.

Product Specs.

Cards are 3.5in x 5.5in, have UV coating so that they pick up less grime from handling, and come inside their own box. Each box is individually wrapped with shrink warp and cards are sealed inside a ziplock bag which you can keep or discard.


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