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Storytime: Story Prompt Cards With Diverse Characters

Diveation Storytime

These illustrated story prompting cards are a wonderful way to create and enjoy made up stories. With more than 60 cards, the illustrations range from cute animals, instruments and  settings from around the world and the characters represent multiple ethnic backgrounds. There are even phrase prompts and ways to play competitively. No game is the same with the level of creativity you will be able to achieve! Stay on the look out for future booster packs to continuously expand your play.  



Ways to Play

Play 1 on 1

Let your little one flex their creative muscles in single player play. Place the cards face down and have your child select 6 cards at random (this number can be adjusted as needed). Once the cards are selected, give your child a couple of moments to begin the creative process. When you all are ready, have them begin to tell you their creative story. The story should include each of the elements on the cards drawn.

Group Play

Looking for a group activity or ice breaker? Have your group of players tell a collaborative story where each player adds a new line to the tale based on the cards in their hands.

Place the cards face down and have all participants select 6 cards at random. This number can be adjusted as needed as larger groups may need to use a smaller amount of cards per player. Once the cards have been selected, give the players a few moments to familiarize themselves with their cards.

Have the first player begin the story telling 1-2 sentences that incorporates a figure from one of their cards. Have the other players add to the story in the same fashion, going around until all of the cards have been used.

Make It A Competition

Who can use their cards the fastest or use the most cards? Find out when you incorporate the bonus cards to really change things up a bit. The bonus cards include a mix of Draw 2s, Draw 4s, My Turn Popcorn, and The End. Depending on how you choose to play will determine how these cards are applied. Make sure to see the included rule book for further details.

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